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Rhoon Castle

Rhoon Castle

The Rhoon Castle in Rhoon is a fortified donjon built in 1432 by the Van Duyvelant family, whose members were lords of the Rhoonian lord at the time. The castle was built on the site where an older castle stood, which was destroyed by the St. Elizabeth Flood of 1421. The castle is located in the current Rhoon-Noord, where the medieval village is located, including the Dorpskerk and the Huis te Pendrecht.

The castle is surrounded by an English garden, a Baroque garden and the Kasteelbos. A little further on, the Rhoon Forest is founded, a redevelopment of where once the hunting area the Huyters was located. The front of the castle was refurbished during the Bentinck period and inlaid with Empire style windows. The back of the castle is characterized by stepped gables and turrets.

The inside of the Castle has many works of art. In the Old Kitchen is a large fireplace with carvings. The entrance hall is dominated by a large oak staircase and furthermore there are many female figures and Arabesque works of art.